My Works
Howard County Historical Society

The society's website started as community project in 1997, after having learned how to do html the previous school year. It has seen changes from being a simple one page, frames, and even a more playful ui. In 2010, it was finally redesigned using a ui that is fully compliant with html4 strict. The future of the site will see the integration of administration panel for none codes to make updates to the event calendar, weekly new updates, and contact information. Also in the works is bringing the the current and past newsletters on-line for reference and researching.

the ScareCrow Patch

This site was a creative project to showcase a home-grown seasonal rural Nebraska business. The previous site presented the required information but did not showcase the major interest points of the ScareCrow Patch. While working on the site I also created a nice mobile compatiable site that is easy to use and provides the inportant information about the ScareCrow Patch, including geo links for smartphone navigation.

Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation

Concept. The Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation was a design concept that was cut during a restructuring of the organization's leadership. Highlights of the design are its simple and easy to navigate menu, which functions through the use of html and css. The idea behind the site was to create a website that would be easy to navigate and fallow the information provided, while integrating media.

Parliament 2010/Coronation 37

Decommissioned. Parliament 2010/Coronation 37 was an informational website for an event held in 2010. The site was designed for its simplicity to convey the information to the attendees of the event. The concept originally included plans for the inclusion of registration through the site.